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The DCS Victron Energy Multiplus is Trusted Electric Power for Your Boat

The DCS Victron Energy Multiplus is the perfect power system for your boat. It’s designed to meet the demands of a marine environment, with features that ensure reliability and safety. The Multiplus can also become used for off-grid applications. Such as cabins or remote locations where there isn’t access to utility power.

The ultimate in power and flexibility

The MultiPlus provides reliable 120Vac when on shore power or generator. Its automatic load transfer from inverter to utility power and back ensures the MultiPlus will always draw from the preferred AC source. The programmable AC input priority selection ensures that you’ll never experience a “brownout” or loss of vital data due to a faulty transfer process.

Victron Energy MultiplusTrue sine wave output and advanced Victron Multiplus Inverter charging

The Multiplus is a true sine wave inverter that provides clean, pure AC power for sensitive electronics. It’s also the only Victron Multiplus Inverter that can automatically transfer load from its battery back-up in case of a power outage or generator failure. The Multiplus’ True Sine Wave Output and Advanced Battery Charging are two features that make it stand out from other inverters on the market today.

Provides reliable 120VAC when on shore power or generator

The Multiplus is a powerful inverter/charger that provides reliable 120VAC when connected to shore power or a generator. It is the only battery charger with Victron’s unique Dual Battery Discharge technology. Which ensures that both batteries receive an equal charge simultaneously.

The Multiplus is easy-to-use, safe and efficient. Its LCD screen displays all relevant information in an intuitive way battery voltage, charge current and available power for use in your boat or motorhome.

Automatic load transfer from Victron Solar Inverter to utility power and back

When you start your boat’s generator, the Multiplus automatically transfers its load to the generator. This allows you to use a smaller and less expensive generator for most of your power needs. When the engine is running, the Multiplus is using as a Victron Solar Inverter at this point. It converts 12-volt battery power into 120-volt AC household current.

Once you’re done with your day on the water, activate shore power. So that you can run all of your appliances. While connected to land power (which is much more reliable than having them run on battery). Once again, this transfer occurs seamlessly in an instant. No manual intervention requires!

The MultiPlus has a built-in battery charger that can become programmed to run at various amperages. Depending on the size of your batteries and how quickly you want them charged. It can also set to automatically switch from AC input to battery charging in case of an emergency. The Multiplus is the only inverter on the market that can automatically transfer load from its battery back-up in case of a power outage or generator failure. This feature makes it perfect for use with sensitive electronics such as computers and TVs.

Victron Energy Solar is a reliable battery charger:

The Multiplus also provides true sine wave output and advanced battery charging. Making Victron Energy Solar the ideal choice for any household or business looking to power their electronics off-grid. The Multiplus is a reliable battery charger for all types of 12V batteries, including deep cycle batteries and AGM batteries. It also features a unique dual-battery technology that ensures each battery receives an equal charge. The Multiplus has many useful features and functions. The Multiplus has a built-in circuit breaker that prevents overloads and fires. It also includes a built-in charging system for your batteries. Which helps to keep them topped off at all times. This can become especially useful if you’re using high-demand appliances like an air conditioner or microwave while the generator is running.

Programmable AC input priority selection ensures the MultiPlus will always draw from the preferred AC source

Users can select from a number of priorities to program the inverter’s AC input source. If you have shore power, this is set to shore. If you are running your generator, it will choose generator power first. This allows users to combine shore and generator power into a single system and enables higher charge capacity and longer runtime when compared to other brands of single-source chargers.

If you are only using generator power and want to charge from it exclusively. The inverter can get programmed to automatically choose generator power first. This feature is particularly useful for generators that have a lower output capacity than the solar array.

Configurable AC inputs allow for shore and generator power combined to enable higher charge capacity and longer runtime

Configurable AC inputs allow for shore and generator power combined to enable higher charge capacity and longer runtime. To configure, select a CH1 input (shore or generator) and press the “Menu” button. Press the up or down arrows until you reach “Charge Mode” on the left side of the screen and press enter to go into that menu item. Select either CH1-2 or CH2-3 depending upon. Which AC source you wish to use for charging your batteries.

3-stage smart battery charging: bulk, absorption, float

The DCS Multiplus 3-stage smart battery charger has three charging stages: bulk, absorption and float. Bulk charging is the first stage. It’s the fastest way to charge your batteries. It charges at about 0.5A for 12V batteries and about 1A for 24V batteries. And it’s what you’ll need if you’re just topping off a partially drained battery or more than 90% charged.

Bulk charging typically takes less than an hour when using a good quality marine battery charger like this one. Because most of the energy is storing in chemical bonds inside the lead plates inside each cell of your battery bank. Once these chemicals have fully broken down (or “saturated”). They can no longer hold any more electricity. So the charger switches automatically into absorption mode until that’s done too! After both stages are complete, you can leave it plugged in indefinitely without doing any harm to your batteries or causing them to overcharge!

Now here’s why smart chargers are better than dumb ones. Once all three stages are complete, they automatically switch into float mode. Which keeps them at full charge indefinitely with very little draw from either source.

Programmable battery voltage for use with lithium batteries

The Multiplus is equipping with a programmable battery voltage feature. Which lets you set the optimum charging voltage for your lithium batteries. If you use lithium batteries that are rated for 12 or 24 volts (the most common voltages), you’ll want to set this setting somewhere between 13 and 14 volts if possible. Some other types of lithium batteries may require different voltages, though; if in doubt. Check with the manufacturer before setting this feature.

Accepts 50Hz/60Hz input frequency or auto-selects

The Multiplus can accept 50Hz or 60Hz input frequency, and if you have a generator connected to it, the Multiplus will automatically select the correct frequency. You can also configure the Multiplus to change frequency if required, using the optional remote control panel (RCC).

Once configured for your specific power needs, this inverter/charger is ready to provide up to 1200W continuous AC current with an output voltage of 230VAC.

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With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder the DCS Victron MultiPlus is the perfect solution for boats. It provides reliable power and flexible charging options. So you can have peace of mind on your next adventure.

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